We believe prison calls to mobiles should cost less. 75% less in fact

There's no need to watch the clock any more when speaking with someone inside. We offer cheap prison phone calls and we can dramatically reduce call costs from prison to a UK mobile. Not only that, but for the inmate, we can make their phone credit last three times longer than usual. That means they have more money for longer calls or other essentials.

We don't have any contracts or credit checks, just a simple pay-as-you-go service. You can top up your account from as little as £5. We even have a 100% money back guarantee so you can try the service out and if it's not for you - we will refund you.

And our charges are as low as possible - our pay-as-you-go plan is just 8p a minute for calls. Read more about our low charges.

How Does it Work?

It's simple. First we give your mobile a landline number in addition to your current mobile number. Don't worry, we don't make any changes to your phone, your existing mobile number or your plan or phone contract. It's just a new number alongside your normal mobile number. Callers can call you on either your new landline number or your usual mobile number - your mobile will ring just as normal.

The difference is that calls to a landline are often cheaper than calls to a mobile, and this is definitely the case if you're calling from inside. In fact, to call a mobile from most UK prisons, the inmate can be charged an outrageous 30-40p a minute. Calls to landlines cost just 10p a minute.

So, if your inmate calls your mobile using the new landline number we provide, then they will be charged just 7-10p per minute, despite calling your mobile! Because it costs so little, their phone credit will last much longer than if they called your mobile directly.

In order to provide you with your new landline number, we have to make some small charges to cover our costs. If you are a pay-as-you-go customer, we charge just 8p per minute for calls you receive. We also have subscription plans that can save you even more. Overall, you can make some super savings - have a look at our detailed cost breakdowns to see just how much. Or, if you're ready to get started, you can sign up in less than one minute and try the service. Don't forget we have a 100% money back guarantee so there is no risk trying the service. Find out more about our money back offer.

Don't forget, the inmate will need to add the new number to their PIN list before they can call it, just as they need to do with any new number.


For pay-as-you-go customers, we charge just 8p per minute for the calls you receive. There are no other charges - no connection charges or hidden fees of any sort. We also offer a range of plans with bundled minutes, including our most popular plan which includes unlimited minutes!

* Prison calls are normally 40p to mobiles and 10p to landlines, however some private institutions may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look through some questions we get asked a lot. If we haven't already answered your questions, why not get in touch and we'll drop you a message back with more information.

How will I know what landline number to provide?

We will send a text to your mobile with the landline number that has been allocated to your mobile as soon as it has been set up. Please allow 24 hours for the setup to occur. If you haven't heard from us after that time, please contact us.

How long does setup take?

We normally will have your new number working within 24 hours. Once the inmate has added the new number to their PIN list they will be able to use it. How long this process takes depends on the jail unfortunately - there isn't anything we can do to speed up the process.

Are there any setup charges?

No, we don't charge anything to set up your account. Just compare that to the £14.99 fee that FoneSavvy charge to set your account up and you can see how you save before you've even made a call!

Will I be billed each month?

If you have selected the 50, 100, 500, 1000 or unlimited minutes plans, you will be charged automatically each 30 days, there is nothing you need to do. If you chose our pay as you go option - just top up if you need more minutes. We deduct from your pay as you go balance your per minute charge (e.g. 6p or 18p) for each minute of inbound call time, and your line rental of £3.60 each month.

How does my account work, and can I get a refund?

Our plans work just like a pay as you go mobile - any money you don't spend is kept on your account. Due to the administration cost we unfortunately can't offer refunds, however we do have a no questions asked money-back guarantee so you can try our service.

Can I change the mobile number linked to my landline number?

Unfortunately, this isn't possible. When the number is added to the PIN list, the prison will call and verify the destination. This is an important security measure. If you have changed your mobile number, all you need to do is sign up again with your new number. We will then issue a new landline number which you can add to the PIN list. You can cancel your old account online using the 'disconnect' button at the top. Unfortunately, credit or minutes can't be transferred from one account to another.

Can I switch between the Pay as you go service and the 1000 and unlimited plans?

Yes, you can move if you wish. Just let customer services know and they will make the necessary arrangements.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

We charge UK VAT on all sales. Our product pages show the prices including VAT. If you selected a pay monthly plan that started prior to VAT being charged, we will honour your old pricing. If you change plan, change your card details, or your payment doesn't go through, you will need to set up new payment instructions. All new payments will include VAT.

If you are a pay as you go customer, VAT is charged on your top ups when you make them, and your account is credited with the amount minus VAT and any applicable fees. We have reduced the card payment fee to 50p. For example, an £11 top up would result in £8.67 of account credit, after the 50p card fee and £1.83 VAT charge has been reflected.

Money Back Guarantee

If you're not happy with our pay as you go products, we'll refund you up to £6 - it's that simple! Even if you just change your mind, or want to test the service, whatever the reason we'll refund your first top up up to £6 and not charge you a penny if you don't like our service. We're that sure you'll love saving money with us we're delighted to offer you this money back guarantee.

Just let us know within 30 days of signing up that you'd like to cancel and we'll refund your pay-as-you-go top ups up to £6 back to the card you used. Please note, this offer applies to UK pay-as-you-go numbers only, please see our terms and conditions for full offer details.

Use the contact form to get in touch about the money back guarantee or anything really!

Get In Touch

Firstly, if you have forgotten your password, we can resend it as a text message to your phone. Just use our Forgotten Password page.

Before getting in touch, please check that your question isn't answered by our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

If you still need our help, we can respond fastest to you if you complete the contact form below - please make sure you add in your phone number so that we can call you if we need to.


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